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Meg heads to Paris for her honeymoon. But the happiest day of her life turns sour when her husband vanishes into thin air within hours of arriving at their luxury hotel. No-one takes Meg’s claims seriously  The police think the groom simply got cold feet and has walked out on their marriage. After all, theirs was a whirlwind romance – perhaps he just had second thoughts. But Meg can’t believe that Mike would just leave her, and as the hours pass, her concerns grow.  Only one person can help her - her ex-boyfriend Lucas. but he has secrets of his own.


Adam Stowe can’t wait for his best friend’s wedding. He’s handsome and charming, and there are plenty of eligible women on the Singles Table – what could possibly go wrong?
Sophie Wallis is less excited. The groom is her ex-boyfriend and every moment of the Big Day is a reminder of everything that has gone wrong with her life so far.
But Adam and Sophie are about to go on a journey of self-discovery. Secrets start to leak out at the wedding; secrets that make Adam and Sophie confront their past, and question everything they thought they knew about their lives.

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To Jem Chapman, it's the opportunity of a lifetime - the chance to join a house-share in the exclusive Hamptons.

But when Jem discovers what happened the previous summer she feels a chill. A previous house-guest drowned in the pool; apparently she was troubled. But as Jem delves deeper into the lives of her new friends, she discovers that they all have something to hide. What did happen the previous summer and who is lying about what really happened?

When Amy Carrell has the chance to spend Christmas in New York with wealthy former debutante Georgia Hamilton she unlocks a heartbreaking story of lost love that puts her own problems into perspective.


Jim Johnson is sent to Savannah, Georgia to develop turn a neglected  old plantation house into a luxury hotel. But Jim has history with Casa D'Or. He came here twenty years earlier and lost his heart to Jennifer Wyatt, the daughter of its owners. The hotel project puts Jim back into Jennifer's orbit but their reunion stirs up old ghosts and the secrets the old house still holds.

Businessman Julian Denver dies suddenly and tragically. His wife Diana thinks there is more to it than meets the eye and turns to her estranged sister Rachel, a disgraced tabloid reporter, for help. For Rachel, it is a chance to make amends, but her attempts to unravel the truth put her own life in danger.'


Deep in the vaults of her work-place, archivist Abby Gordon discovers a photograph of a famous explorer saying good-bye to the woman he loves. Looking for a way to escape her own problems, Abby delves deeper into their story, little realising that behind the image frozen in time, lies a secret altogether more extraordinary.

Four friends celebrate the end of their exams with a trip to the idyllic Caribbean island of Angel Cay. But one night changes their lives forever. One night they can never forget no matter how hard they try. One night that forces them back together, twenty years later, for an electrifying confrontation where the secrets of that evening are finally revealed. 

When magazine editor Amy Parker invites the daughter of an old friend to stay with her for the summer, she think she is doing them both a favour.

Josie arrives and quickly becomes  indispensable, joining  Amy and her  family on their holiday to Provence. But Josie soon starts to unsettled Amy. Crack begin to appear in her life and Amy soon realises that the younger woman might not be a friend at all.


When Sophie Ellis meets wealthy businessman Nick Cooper she is drawn into a thrilling affair, until Nick is found dead and Sophie becomes the prime suspect for his murder. As she goes on the run to clear her name, she discovers that her deceased lover has drawn her into a web of international conspiracy.

Anna Kennedy is media lawyer to the stars, hiding their sins from the hungry press. But when Anna uncovers an explosive scandal. she realises that there are some people who will stop at nothing to get what they want - not least a young lawyer who has worked out too much.

Brooke Asgill is about to marry in the one of the most powerful families in her America. But her family have secrets - and Brooke's mother Meredith is determined to keep them hidden - at least until the big day is over.

Tess Garrett is recruited as spin doctor and publicist for the family, but her loyalties to the Asgill family are soon tested when she finds out more about them.

Career girl Emma Bailey is shocked when she inherits a controlling interest in her uncle's luxury goods company. But there are people who think she doesn't deserve it, people who want the company for themselves, and people who will stop at nothing to get what they think is rightfully theirs.

Adam Gold is the most eligible bachelor in London but fashion designer Karin is the woman who has finally got him to propose. But when Karin is found dead on the eve of her marriage, the police think it is no accident. Was her death really an accident or is there someone in Adam's little black book who is prepared to kill to get what they want? 

The Balcon sister are society darlings, but when their controlling father Oswald is found dead, the finger of suspicion points towards his glamorous daughters. As Cate Balcon get closer to the truth about her father's death, she discovers a web of lies, deceit and a thirty year old secret that threatens to destroy the entire family.

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