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So I had a brilliant time at the RWA convention in New York. I met a lot of great authors and heard lots of fantastic talks – it was such a good melting pot of shared ideas and information.
It was particularly interesting to hear Nora Roberts’ thoughts on productivity. Not only is Nora one of the most successful authors in the world – she is one of the most prolific, having written over 200 novels. How does she do it? Here’s how….

‘People often ask me how do I write so much. You know what? I just don’t make excuses. I just write. I don’t wait for the ‘muse’ – there is no f***ing muse. Plus, I have rules. My kids are grown up now, but when they were younger they knew not to interrupt me when I was working. I’d say, ‘you wouldn’t disturb me if I worked in an office.’

I don’t have a daily word count. I write on a Word Perfect document so I can’t tell. I write three drafts of a novel. I vomit out the first one, make changes in the second and polish the third. I write the things I want to read. You can’t write to please the reader, because reader A is different to reader B – and who is right? Maybe they both are. That’s why it’s so important to write for myself.

I write for 6- to 8 hours a day and that’s a lot of sitting around so I find it’s really important to work out. I work out for 60-90 minutes a day; yoga, pilates, cardio – that way I can treat myself to a glass of wine after writing!’

Thanks Nora!

Nora Roberts

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