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Do you keep a diary? I used to. I found a box of them under the bed (!) and hours slipped by as I read my thoughts and tales of adventure from 1995 to 2000. They stopped around the time I met my husband. Perhaps falling in love made me a little less introspective – I don’t know. Anyway – I thought I’d start a week in view. Mostly it’s to share some good stuff that I’ve enjoyed, but I think a little bit of is to get back to my old journal loving self. After all – there’s no better way to remember the minutiae of our lives.

Wimbledon Fair – at the start of Wimbledon week! The sun was shining, we won a salad bowl on the tombola, the whole village was buzzing with tennis players in the streets and every shop and cafe is getting into the swing of it with tennis ball window displays and green and purple flags hanging from almost every roof.

Qcumber water. I don’t drink very much, so wine o’clock sort of passes me by. But sometimes it’s nice to have a cold glass of something really refreshing on a balmy evening and sparkling water and diet coke can sometimes get a bit boring – so it was great to discover Qcumber. It’s light and fizzy and a tiny bit Pimmsy. Try it.

Manning the face-painting stall at the school fair – I was chuffed with my Spider-man art work!

My friends Chris and Ian’s Open Garden afternoon, part of the Bedford Park Festival. I love the idea of Open Gardens. They create such great community sprit and I love seeing the glorious gardens hidden behind unassuming walls.

Discovering perfect tee-shirt dresses in Gap


Seeing my son Fin in his production of Oliver (and being very proud of his cockney accent!)

Hearing Nick Hornby in conversation

Creating a micro-restaurant in our garden (moving the table and chairs into the sun) and have a lunch date with my husband.

Being a big kid and going on the Umbrella ride at the fun-fair

Seeing my new web-site finally up and running!


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