Glamorous gardening

I’ve come up with a new word. Glardening.
Glam + gardening = glardening

I had this epiphany yesterday when I headed down to the very chic and lovely Petersham Nurseries to go to a ‘Planting in the shade’ workshop with my friend Sandra.
I have to admit, I wasn’t overly excited by the idea of going on a gardening course at first – I was more interested in having lunch afterwards. I don’t have green fingers. Even my potted Basil plants from the supermarket die within a couple of days. And besides, isn’t what gardening what you get into when you retire?
But – I loved it. I learnt such a lot, (our tutor Martin has a brilliant web-site and it made me realise just how good it is spend time outdoors.
I don’t know about you, but I spend most of my day sitting in front of a screen, so it was a feast for the senses being able to see and smell all the wonderful flowers and foliage.
I discovered a plant with gold tipped leaves (Daphne), found out that my favourite hydragenas would love my shady patio if I gave it lots of water, and that you can get rid of slugs by watering your flowers with a garlic and water solution.

Petersham Nurseries are running a slow gardening event in July which sounds fantastic.

As they say on their website – slow life in the fast lane.

Some plants that don’t mind the shade: including hydragenas, daphne, foxgloves and calla lilies.

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