Daddy’s Girls

The Balcon sisters are London’s society darlings.
But when their tyrannical father Oswald Balcon is found dead, the finger of suspicion points towards his glamorous daughters. Suddenly we find that beneath the family’s perfect façade lies a web of deceit and betrayal…

‘The hottest accessory this season’ – Elle

‘The perfect read to help escape the every day world with enough suspense to keep you hooked.’
The Sun

People always which ask me which one of my books I like the best. That’s a tough one, but the one I am most fond of is Daddy’s Girls, probably because it was my first. The idea for Daddy’s Girls came about on honeymoon when I wanted a big juicy read for my trip but I had read everything Jackie Collins and Jilly Cooper had on offer. Instead – I bought a biography of the Mitford Sisters, and an idea was formed. I also finished Daddy’s Girls the night before I went into hospital to give birth to my son Fin.
The success of Daddy’s Girls meant that I could give up work and become a full-time novelist, which has been a joy.

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