Best chocolate truffles recipe

If you read my recent feature in Red magazine you’ll know that I love going on courses.
After all, why should we stop learning just because we’ve finished school?
One fantastic course I went on this year was a truffle making course at William Curley, who is one of London’s great chocolatiers.
The course wasn’t cheap, but we came home with a huge box of truffles which would have cost at least £20 if you’d have bought them in his Belgravia store.
The truffles themselves…wow. Here’s the recipe in case you wanted a try at home

160g 70% chocolate
145g whipping cream
25g soft unsalted butter
250g tempered chocolate
150g cocoa powder

Bring cream to boil
Chop up the chocolate and add to cream, stirring until it is a smooth emulsion
Add soft butter. Mix.
Pipe your ganache onto your greaseproof tray
Leave to set – ideally in a fridge for at least 30 minutes
Temper your additional chocolate (this is quite complicated but you should find good instructions on the internet)
Coat each truffle in this liquid tempered chocolate
Roll in cocoa and sieve excess cocoa

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