If you’re reading this blog you might want to know how and why I came to do it. I guess it all began with Robbie Williams…..

I didn’t start off as an author. Or a journalist. Or a blogger. I was going to be a lawyer. My career was all mapped out for me – a well-paid job in a big prestigious firm and a life-time of smart suits and respectability.

I’d just finished law school when I met Take That in a café in Manchester. I went up to Robbie (he looked the friendliest) and asked if I could interview them partly because I quite fancied them but mostly because my secret dream – the thing I really wanted to do in life – was to be a writer.


Two years later I had qualified as a lawyer with a large international legal firm and Take That had become very famous indeed. I heard about a job at a magazine and clutching my one and only interview with one of the world’s biggest bands – I got the job, and gave everything up I studied so hard for to be a journalist.

I loved, lived and breathed working in magazines. Within two years of switching careers I had won the Young Magazine Journalist of the Year award, been made editor in chief of more! Magazine, and my parents weren’t cross about me giving up the law anymore.

I spent the next decade holding senior editorial positions on a host of titles. I edited the British edition of InStyle, was on the launch team that created Heat and started my own travel and style title Jaunt. I interviewed celebrities on private jets, got invited to premieres and fashion shows – I even raced to the South of France in a fleet of Capris.

Having all these fantastic adventures and then being able to share it with the readers of the magazine I worked for was a dream come true.

I sat down and wrote a book for the very same reasons. Books, like magazines, are like an arm-chair trip with the power to whisk you anywhere the words and your imagination will take you. I started my first novel, Daddy’s Girls, on honeymoon and was thrilled eighteen months (and one baby!) later when it went into the Sunday Times top ten best sellers list.

I love writing novels, but the problem with it is that you can only write one or two of them a year. That’s why I started a blog. So I could write about lovely locations and delicious food all year round. I like writing about good stuff. It’s not necessarily important stuff, but they are things that can make us escape, switch off and feel happy.

Things like pub lunches in picture-perfect villages. Make-up that makes us look younger and prettier. Hotel rooms where you can fall in love, shoes that made you feel Sophie Loren fabulous. Nail-polishes in zingy colours,  cup-cakes with just the right amount of frosting, beautiful windswept beaches perfect for eating salty fish and chips and brilliant B&B’s that don’t cost the earth.

I’m obsessed with finding new places to go, things to try, things to buy, and knew that a blog was a perfect place to shout about them.

Please get in touch and let me know what you think about it. And remember, if you ever see a group of handsome young men in a café – go over and speak to them. You never know – it just might change your life.